I'm Kim the founder of Passion Fuels! 

I am a HR Business Partner & Business Owner. I have always had a true passion for business - I just love everything about it. My business career path started in September 2005 after graduating from High School and then attending NAIT for business courses, which led me to work in the construction industry for nearly a decade.

During this time, I had become a mom and began my life with the most wonderful boys I call my family - Chris, Jayce and Pablo (our little bunny). I began to build this business in 2020 and it is becoming a truly gem - meeting the many other businesses we work with today, were rooted from here. It was also here that our graphic apparel collection started and all graphics apparel are made by ME! I am always planting new seeds in business and following my passion to where it leads me.

Our business name came from my passion & dedication that I found within myself since Sept 2017. 3 years ago, I was sent to the ICU fighting for my life and I came out stronger than ever before. Through all of the ups and downs I learnt no matter what; as long as I hung onto my dreams; my passion fueled all motivation, dedication, happiness, love, success and ambition.

We are so grateful for your support thus far. Over this past year, we have grown more than we ever expected! We truly are a lifestyle label, with passion and purpose. A portion of all sales are directly donated back to some great charities.

I’m so thankful & appreciate all of you for following my journey. It means the world to me.

Kim XO