Get to know me!

Hey! Welcome to my passion! My name is Kim, founder/maker of the passion brand! Passion Fuels aims to connect with others going through any same life stage as me and chasing dreams.

Passion Fuels started in 2020 and we're ready to take on 2021!! I always have and probably always will love finding items I love and want to share with everyone.

During this journey is when I found the passion for recently creating our Graphic Fuels collection. And this is just the beginning! There is SO MUCH in store for the new year!!

Little bit about PFB:

The name came from my passion & dedication that I found within myself since Sept 2017. 3 years ago, I was sent to the ICU fighting for my life and I came out stronger than ever before. Through all of the ups and downs I learnt no matter what; as long as I hung onto my dreams, my passion fueled all motivation, dedication, happiness, love, success and ambition.

Today I happily share my life with the most wonderful boys I call my family! Chris, Jayce & Pablo (our little bunny).

I started PFB solo in our new built home and is already outgrowing quickly!

All of the graphic fuels collection is & will be created by me! Each piece will be custom made and can be altered by any specific style.

I’m so thankful & appreciated for all of you following my journey. It means the world to me.


**Passion Fuels so many within you. YOUR passion fuels motivation, dedication, happiness, love, success, and ambition!! The list can go on! Our goal is to put the "passion" in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that's why we're committed to being your source for the most passionate functional trends!**